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It’s a lucky day for gamers who prefer playing games in front of their computer screens rather then laying on a couch in front of TV. Because from today and on all PlayStation 5 exclusive games are available for PC as well, thanks to PS5Emux software and its developers.

The PS5Emux is a PS5 emulator software supported for Windows and macOS operating systems which can smoothly run all Sony PlayStation 5 games on computer machines.
It’s also made to run older Sony consoles titles too, including PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games.

In the meantime PS5Emux coders are working on supporting their program for smartphones too. It’s a more demanding job comparing to desktop emulating, considering that smartphones have weaker hardware specifications then computers and laptops.
Developers claim that the secret of emulating PS5 games on Android & iOS devices is making the emulator to automatically adapt its gameplay graphic quality based on which system it’s running on.
Which means that older smartphones will display games with a lower graphics quality and lower FPS comparing to new ones, with more powerful hardware parts.
The same feature will be added to desktop version too. Since PlayStation 5 console contains a powerful GPU card, it requires a latest released PC graphic cards for a computer to display same graphic quality as the genuine PS5 console does.

How to load games into the emulator?

There are three ways do do it.

1. Buy them on a PlayStation store & run trough PS5Emux’ PSN feature.
PS5Emux has the PSN feature integrated inside from where you can login to your existing PlayStation account and buy games legally.

2. Run PS5 disc games with PS5Emux using your computer disc drive.

3. Download games from the internet and run them as an .ISO format using PS5Emux.
There is tutorial page inside the Help section of PS5Emux explaining how to make an image file (.ISO) from a downloaded game data. PlayStation games are usually already converted to ISO when downloaded. But if you’d need an assistance just go to the help section of the emulator.
This applies to all of Sony’s consoles games: PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS One.

Is it illegal to use the PS5 emulator and how to protect myself?

Theoretically yes. But you don’t have to worry as long as you use the emulator for your personal need only. As long as you don’t stream or publish videos of playing PS5 games using PS5Emux, or do any similar public show-off while using it, you’ll be OK. Use it for your own pleasure and you will be completely fine.

Innovative built-in Chat Room

PS5Emux brings the innovative feature amongst the emulators which makes players socialize and make new friends while playing games. The Chatroom is accessible from the main menu of the emulator’s interface. You can decide to keep yourself online or offline at any time.

Hope the PS5Emux will bring you a lots of joy. We are waiting for the smartphone version to get released so we can review it too.
Until then, enjoy your playing and have a nice time!