The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the latest and most advanced smartwatch from Apple, featuring a stunning 1.9-inch OLED display, a powerful S7 processor, and a host of new health and fitness features. But is it worth the hefty price tag of $699? Here’s our review of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 HD img

Design and Display

The device has a sleek and elegant design, with a stainless steel case and a ceramic back. The watch comes in two sizes, 41mm and 45mm, and four colors: silver, graphite, gold, and titanium. The watch also supports a variety of bands, from the classic leather and sport bands to the new braided solo loop and leather link bands.
The display of the Apple Watch Ultra is one of its main attractions. The OLED screen has a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels, making it the sharpest and brightest display on any Apple Watch. The screen also has an always-on feature, which means you can see the time and other information without raising your wrist. The display also supports Force Touch, which lets you access Continue reading

Demon's Souls Remake for PC -

It’s a lucky day for gamers who prefer playing games in front of their computer screens rather then laying on a couch in front of TV. Because from today and on all PlayStation 5 exclusive games are available for PC as well, thanks to PS5Emux software and its developers.

The PS5Emux is a PS5 emulator software supported for Windows and macOS operating systems which can smoothly run all Sony PlayStation 5 games on computer machines.
It’s also made to run older Sony consoles titles too, including PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games.

In the meantime PS5Emux coders are working on supporting their program for smartphones too. It’s a more demanding job comparing to desktop emulating, considering that smartphones have weaker hardware specifications then computers and laptops.
Developers claim that the secret of emulating PS5 games on Android & iOS devices is Continue reading

According to reports, Facebook has just paid a $25,000 reward to a white hat hacker who found a critical cross-site request forgery (CSRF). If you’re wondering what warranted this payday, you need to know the implications of CSRF to realize that this was a big discovery.

Facebook Money Reward

According to Facebook, if the CSRF continued operating without detection it would have made user accounts vulnerable to hackings of the worst kind.

All an attacker needed to do was send requests loaded with CSRF tokens to random Facebook endpoints. That would have allowed them to access user accounts and do with them as they pleased. But, the attacker would have to trick their victim into clicking on a link first, which can be done through the loophole. This weak spot would also enable the attacker to easily bypass CSRF protections, giving them full Continue reading

Windows 10 is the default operating system installed on the majority of devices these days; it was originally designed to be the most user-friendly, effective and fast OS from Microsoft – and so far, it’s performed well.

Windows 10 Speed up Tips

But there are a lot of things that can slow down your computer’s performance over time. If you’ve been using your PC for a stretch and noticed that it’s slowing down and more prone to lag when you can’t afford it to, or if you’ve bought a used PC from someone else and find that it’s too slow for what you Continue reading

Firefox New Feature

Every single website on the Internet offers notifications when you access them. It doesn’t matter how many times you click on “no,” they always provide the same damn option every time you go back to them. It’s probably one of the most annoying features of this current iteration of the Internet. Not many browsers have dealt with this, but Mozilla is about to become the game-changer.

An insider at Mozilla leaked some information to ZDNet about version 72 of their immensely popular browser. All notification requests will be blocked by default. This is probably the best bit of news we have heard for a long time. The details about this feature won’t be made public after January of 2020, but beta testers currently enjoy the Continue reading

Pixel 4 by Google

Pixel 4 has one of the best features around for any video stream: Live Caption. With this little tool, you can add subtitles to anything you are watching on-screen, even if it doesn’t have captions. The main issue many users faced was the need for the Pixel handset, but this limitation will be a thing of the past now that we have the feature added to Google Chrome.

So far, most of what we have is speculation at best, but it all begins with a solid lead. Chrome Unboxed has found a Speech On-Device API reference located on Gerrit, the site used by Chrome developers to create new extensions. This doesn’t mean that Continue reading