Demon's Souls Remake for PC -

It’s a lucky day for gamers who prefer playing games in front of their computer screens rather then laying on a couch in front of TV. Because from today and on all PlayStation 5 exclusive games are available for PC as well, thanks to PS5Emux software and its developers.

The PS5Emux is a PS5 emulator software supported for Windows and macOS operating systems which can smoothly run all Sony PlayStation 5 games on computer machines.
It’s also made to run older Sony consoles titles too, including PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games.

In the meantime PS5Emux coders are working on supporting their program for smartphones too. It’s a more demanding job comparing to desktop emulating, considering that smartphones have weaker hardware specifications then computers and laptops.
Developers claim that the secret of emulating PS5 games on Android & iOS devices is Continue reading

Mobile Security
The security of mobile devices is the top priority of many companies right now. It’s been building to this for some time now since many corporate workers handle sensitive data on their smartphones at all moments. Keeping this information from falling on the wrong hands is a must and the figures that get dragged down after a significant data leak always leave a company in the red. Just in 2018, the average cost of any form of corporate data breach represented a loss of $3.9 million for any corporation given the size of the leak, according to Continue reading

Are you a Facebook user? The world’s most popular social media platform is a place to share experiences, catch up with family and friends – and stay in touch with news events around the world.

The Age of Social Media

Since its creation in 2004 as a means of connecting college kids studying at ivy league schools, Facebook has grown into a tech behemoth, with over 2-billion active monthly users – that’s over a quarter of the world’s population!

It took some time for Facebook to catch on with the Continue reading

This guide is made in a goal to help users of TikTok social network who lost access to their account due either by hacking/getting it stolen or by forgetting their password.

Yes, lost accounts can easily be recovered using “password reset” feature located at login page of almost every website nowadays. But the problem for many users is that they even lose password of their email account used when signing up for an account. Some even can’t remember what exact e-mail address they’ve used for registering an account. Or they no longer use a same phone number they have Continue reading

Ah, the case of the missing Wi-Fi password. It’s been a situation that many people have dealt with since the creation of WEPs and WPAs. We all likely have different reasons behind wanting to hack a Wi-Fi password. Whether you’ve just forgotten it, or you want to share someone else’s network without them knowing, learning how to hack a Continue reading

Windows 7-8-10 11 User Password Hack
Adjusting our settings is typically the first thing we do after unboxing a new computer. With the media spreading more stories on cyber-theft and fraud, most of us concerned with our privacy will head over to the security center and enter a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to our PC, laptop, or mobile device.

While choosing a random access password to protect your data seems like a reasonable idea, there are those times when you might forget or misplace your Continue reading

We live in a time where every person in today’s modern world is owning a smartphone. And living a life without it would be almost impossible to imagine.

A list of Pros from it is endless; You’re easily connected to every information which interests you, and you can reach almost everyone you want. You can make HQ photos & videos, share it online with your friends and the world using social media networks with fast internet connection, use a real-time map navigation to find any location in the world easily, and do many other useful things.
However, there always comes Cons too; Since your smartphone is connected to the internet 24/7, if it gets hacked, your real-time location, calls, and all other activity can be Continue reading